Does your patio cover/pergola need repair or replacement?

Does your patio cover/pergola need repair or replacement?

Homeowners know that patios and pergolas make a great addition to your home and outdoor area, giving your family a safe outdoor space to rest and unwind from a long day. With the California sun and unpredictable raining cycle in the Sacramento area, having a patio cover or pergola can make your outdoor space more comfortable. Building or renovating a patio cover and pergola is a lot more complicated than it may seem. Do not underestimate this task and please hire a professional or specialist in that field, especially if you are planning to make it a space often utilized by your family. Here are a few key signs that your patio cover is overdue for a renovation and may no longer be structurally sound which can pose a risk to all of your household members.  



    If you have an existing patio and you’re considering to get a patio cover or pergola, then the first thing we recommend our clients to consider is the size of your patio. There are many different sizes of patio covers and pergolas. Below are two pergolas that our crew repaired at the same property. As demonstrated below, both patios are different sizes. Size can better be determined if you know the purpose for your patio covers and pergolas.


    As mentioned above, we urge our clients to consider the main purpose for your patio cover or pergola. Reasonings can range from protection from the sun, protection from the elements such as rain, a place for lounging where furniture can be protected, and purely for aesthetics. Understanding why you want to have a pergola or patio cover will help you know what size your would like it to be, which material, and your budget. 


Speaking of budget, that is yet another aspect that needs to be considered. Determining budget for a patio cover for an outdoor area at your home can be difficult if you are unaware of material costs in your area. Feel free to consult with our field representatives to get an accurate picture of pricing. Additionally, our estimates typically include a breakdown of what we are charging and there are no hidden fees. When choosing a patio cover or pergola, consider if it fits in your budget.


Many factors can affect your choice of material for the patio cover and pergola. They are a large variety of materials that can be used, ranging from aluminum, composite wood, concrete, vinyl, and many more. The image below is from a bamboo patio cover that was destroyed in last year’s storms. As such, please consider the climate and weather conditions of your area before choosing a patio cover. Cost should also be considered when choosing a material. Elite Construction specializes in wood patios and pergolas and can help you choose the right wood for you.


Homeowners typically place a lot of importance on front appearance. We suggest you get a patio cover or pergola that blends well with the style of the house. As pictured below, our team reconstructed the old pergola and painted it in maroon by request of the client in order to achieve an Asian American fusion and balance. Patio covers and pergolas increase the value of homes, especially when the ideal design is chosen. Typically, the goal of the patio cover or pergola is to be a comfortable and warm area which encourages guests and household members to spend time in the backyard.



Before you begin building your patio cover or pergola, make sure to ask the field representative if any building codes or permits need to be pulled in order to construct your dream pergola. Building codes vary from city to city. Also if you live in an HOA monitored neighborhood, please make sure to check with them before building something on your property. Additionally, you can reach out to a municipality official and they can provide you with more information regarding your exact location/ area.


Above are the 6 factors we recommend for you to consider before constructing a patio cover or pergola. Elite Construction and Remodel is able to build wood patio covers and pergolas of all shapes and sizes in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Auburn, and the surrounding areas. Contact us for an estimate at (916) 469-4660 or submit a request for a quote on our website!


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