The Importance of Gutters: Why You Need Them?

What Are Termites?

Termites, a relative to cockroaches, are tiny insects that live in colonies. One of their main food sources is cellulose. Cellulose is found in wood, it contains 45% of cellulose in it. Termites have certain enzymes and microbes in their gut that allow them to break down cellulose. This is how termites start eating wood. This is why termites are often found burring through walls, creating feeding tunnels if the source is large enough and has enough moisture making them great nest sites. 

How Can I Check If There May Be Termites In My Home? 

By contacting your local termite control service, they can conduct a thorough examination of any potential termite infestation in your home.  

  • Swarms
    • Termite swarms can be found within structures or around their foundational bases, typically during fall or spring seasons. Many times ants are mistaken for termites. Termites feature straight antennae, bodies and wings are equal length. Whereas ants have elbowed antennae, small waists, and their hind wings are shorter than their forewings.  
  • Tubes
    • Mud-like trails or tubes, which are about the width of a pencil, that are found along wooden beams, crawl spaces, or exterior walls.
  • Hollow spots 
    •  Hollow spots and blistering on wooden surfaces can indicate termite activity. This wood can be easily punctured with a screwdriver because the wood is weakened. 
termite damage repair

How To Get Rid Of Termites?

There are various local or spot control methods that are used to get rid of termites. Methods include: the use of localized heat, microwave energy, pesticides, electric current, and removal of infested wooden structures. These methods are used to remove and kill termites within a certain area, not for whole-house. Treatments that use pesticides process is drilling and injecting pesticides into the infested area. The application of toxic chemicals is also used. Other treatments can also also get rid of termites naturally, with research. 

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How To Fix Termite Damage?

Before any repairs are made, a licensed pest professional should confirm that there are no more termites in the area in order to protect any further infestation. This can prevent any future additional costs. 

There are two common methods of damage repair, depending on the damage that was made by the termites:

1. Replacing wood

This would involve the removal of the damaged sections completely and installing new structural wood pieces to ensure the structural integrity of the home. 

2. Adding support adjacent to the damaged wood

This tends to be less expensive because you are not removing everything but adding additional support to the damaged wood

If you are in need of termite damage repair, call Elite Construction for an estimate (916) 469-4660!

termite damage repair


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